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The Woods Neuromodulation Lab in the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory (CAM) at the University of Florida, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, is searching for a highly qualified postdoctoral associate to join our research team. This position focus on discovering and implementing novel interventions aimed at remediating cognitive aging and slowing the onset of dementia in older adults; with a special interest in understanding the neural mechanisms of intervention effects. Common methods used in the lab include multimodal neuroimaging, multiple forms of non-invasive brain stimulation/transcranial electrical stimulation, and a clinical translational research model (bench to bedside).

The successful candidate will work closely with Dr. Woods’ on one of the five ongoing NIA (National Institute on Aging) funded R01s project. These grants involve transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), near infrared photo-biomodulation, multimodal neuroimaging, cognitive training and impact populations ranging from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to healthy aging older adults. The lab currently maintains an estimated $24 million in actively funded grants. These individuals will be joining a large lab that is one of the most well-funded neuromodulation labs in the United States.

This position will involve conducting assessment and intervention visits on neuromodulation studies, analyzing data (neuroimaging and behavioral), supervision of graduate students and staff, and writing manuscripts and grants. Postdoctoral associates are expected to possess good written and oral English language skills to present research updates at weekly lab meetings, seminars and conferences as well as to assist in writing manuscripts and grants related to the project.

The postdoctoral trainee program is customizable in accordance with the candidates interests and enhancement of skills and/or techniques, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Multimodal neuroimaging/spectroscopy [including structural (T1 and FLAIR), functional MRI (active and resting BOLD), and GABA MEGA-PRESS magnetic resonance spectroscopy]
  • Neurocognitive assessment
  • Non-invasive brain stimulation (tDCS/tACS/TMS/near-infrared photo-biomodulation)
  • Cognitive training
  • Artificial intelligence analytics
  • Clinical trials

Dr. Woods’ Lab consists of twelve full time research coordinators, eight graduate students, one postdoctoral fellow, and several early career faculty members as well as administrative staff. In working in the Woods Neuromodulation Lab, this position will join the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory, which consists of 40+ faculty spanning a wide array of cognitive aging and dementia specialties. The Center and Lab maintains a 1,000 square foot research space with dedicated parking for research and clinical trials. We also maintain a 3,200 square foot personnel suite that houses the five core CAM laboratories focused on human clinical interventions for cognitive aging and dementia. This facility houses Dr. Woods’ electrophysiology lab, tDCS lab, TMS lab, and five dedicated testing rooms in the McKnight Brain Institute. The lab is directly adjacent to both 3T research MRI systems (Siemens Prisma and Philips Achieva) and the CAM bio-specimens lab at the University of Florida.

For additional information about the positions, please contact Dr. Adam Woods at


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