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Postdoctoral position is available in Synapse and Neural Circuit laboratory at NINDS, NIH, USA.

National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland
51K+ (based on experience)
Closing date
Jan 1, 2023

A postdoctoral position is available in Synapse and Neural Circuit laboratory at NINDS, NIH, USA. Our central goal is to understand functions of key proteins in the brain in the context of synapse, circuit, behavior or disease. Currently we are using GABAergic synapses in rodents as the model system to discover and characterize novel molecules that play critical roles in regulating inhibitory transmission, plasticity, and behavior. We are also interested in taking advantage of molecular signaling and pathways that we have discovered to reverse the devastating effect of brain illness on synapses and behavior.


Generally, we have no predetermined projects in the lab that are instead typically developed through extensive discussion, brainstorming and pilot experimentation. Ongoing projects in the lab include: 1)Regulation of GABAARs and GABAergic transmission by novel auxiliary subunits; 2) Molecular and circuit mechanisms underlying GABAAR psychopharmacology in vivo; 3) Regulation of GABAARs and GABAergic synapses by stress, sleep or alcohol; 4) Drug screen targeting GABAAR-auxiliary subunit complexes. For additional details, please visit lab websites:


Candidates with Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences with research background in molecular and cellular neuroscience, electrophysiology, or systems neuroscience are encouraged to apply. If interested, please send an email with CV to Dr. Wei Lu at


Recent representative publications

1. Han WY, Li J, Pelkey KA, Pandey S, Chen XM, Wang YX, Wu KW, Ge LH, Li TM, Castellano D, Liu CY, Wu LG, Petralia RS, Lynch JW, McBain CJ, Lu W (2019) Shisa7 is a GABAA receptor auxiliary subunit controlling benzodiazepine actions. Science 366, 246-250.

2. Wu KW, Han WY, Tian QJ, Li Y, Lu W (2021) Activity-and sleep-dependent regulation of tonic inhibition by Shisa7. Cell reports 34 (12), 108899

3. Wu KW, Castellano D, Tian QJ, Lu W (2021) Distinct regulation of tonic GABAergic inhibition by NMDA receptor subtypes. Cell reports 37 (6), 109960

4. Wu KW, Shepard RD, Castellano D, Tian Q, Dong LJ, Lu W (2022) Shisa7 phosphorylation regulates GABAergic transmission and neurodevelopmental behaviors. Neuropsychopharmacology.

5. Wu KW, Han WY, Lu W (2022) Sleep and wake cycles dynamically modulate hippocampal inhibitory synaptic plasticity. PLOS Biology.

6. Castellano D, Wu KW, Keramidas A, Lu W (2022) Shisa7-dependent regulation of GABAA receptor single-channel gating kinetics. Journal of Neuroscience.




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