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Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts
The HMS postdoc salary range is $60,000 - $71,000 (based on postdoctoral years of experience).
Closing date
Dec 13, 2022

A postdoc to study neurons of the cerebellar cortex in vivo using two photon imaging and multielectrode recording. 

The cerebellum is known to contribute to a wide range of behaviors using the same repeated circuit. Although the basic neuronal elements in the cerebellar cortex have long been known, recent studies indicate that previously unappreciated cell types and subtypes have distinctive electrophysiological properties and connectivity.  The goal is to understand how these circuit elements contribute to cerebellar processing. The approach is to measure the activity of these cells during behavior, and to determine the behavioral consequences of manipulating their activity. A postdoc with in vivo experience, with an interest in understanding the cerebellum, will have all of the resources required for these studies: state of the art two photon setups, multielectrode recording setups, and numerous types of Cre and FLP lines (many of which were made in the lab).  See


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