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Lab Manager / Senior Research Associate

Andermann lab, BIDMC, Harvard Medical School'
Boston, Massachusetts
$50,000-$70,000 starting salary with benefits and room for growth.
Closing date
Oct 6, 2022

Summary: Sr. Research Associate position open! >4 yr commitment. Prereqs: science nerd, kind, respectful, assertive, organized, >5 yrs experience post-BSc. Will train/oversee undergrads and research assistants, manage mouse colony, equipment, orders, reimbursements, protocols.
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Department Description :
The Andermann lab consists of a vibrant and diverse group of 20 scientists (undergraduates, graduate students, research assistants, and postdocs, who are excited about discovering how the brain works, and how their discoveries can improve human health. We believe in equity, diversity and inclusion. We aim to create a positive, respectful, happy environment to work in and to learn from each other. Our work focuses on the neurobiology of eating and eating disorders, stress, mating drive, visual perception, and the neurobiology of daydreaming. We use cutting-edge techniques including two-photon calcium imaging to track the activity of hundreds of neurons across weeks in behaving mice.

Job Description: The candidate will be expected to manage the mouse colony, maintain laboratory equipment and safety, write mouse experimental protocols and amendments, coordinate projects and workflow with collaborators as well as order/maintain inventory for the lab

Essential Responsibilities: • Independently responsible for the daily operations of the laboratory including administrative duties, ordering and reimbursements, and partial oversight of undergraduate students and technicians; oversees mouse colony maintenance with assistance from a technician; in charge of mouse animal protocol write-ups and amendments, and adherence of protocols.

Helps with research projects as time permits
• Coordinates and oversees the work of research personnel; implements research schedules and ensures the quality of lab procedures. • Remains current in the technologies used in the lab and participates in improving operations of the lab, both administratively and scientifically. Recommends and implements changes. • Supervises, orients, and trains staff; ensures compliance with lab safety guidelines and accurate record keeping. Oversees lab equipment needs, inventory, and the ordering of common lab supplies.


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Twitter: @andermann_mark

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