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Research Associate

Provides technical support to a research program in the procurement, preparation, preservation, organization and utilization of human research materials that will be used for research and education to impact patient care through the generation and dissemination of knowledge. Ability to learn brain anatomy and brain tissue handling is required.  
Experience with standard molecular biological/biochemical lab practices and techniques. Neuroanatomical background---knowledge of brain anatomy is ideal. Candidate can be trained on the job as well. “On Call” status for tissue recovery.  Responsible for, but not limited to, the surgically dissecting, documenting, categorizing and banking of human brain tissue. The dissection of the tissue would be done within a time limit after the patient’s death and follow banking protocols to ensure that the tissue is safe and viable.  Perform analytical tests and experiments in support of institute's based collaborative research projects. Operate laboratory equipment and instruments. Utilize scientific software to interpret and record test results. Serve to facilitate research collaborations across TTUHSC.  Process, organize, and schedule samples for distribution to other internal laboratories, including histology, immunohistochemistry, and molecular, as well as external testing facilities.  Arrrange tissue removal process with outside entities, support staff and family members.  Procure pathology material and maintain data according to mandatory standards and protocol compliance.  Provides guidance to all parties, such as family members, medical personnel, funeral home directors, and others as needed, on how to complete the enrollment and tissue retrieval in compliance with the research program's guidelines.  Orients laboratory and support staff to the biorepository operations.

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