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Postdoctoral Fellows in Electrophysiology

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research

Job Description

The Broad Institute is in search of a highly motivated and capable Postdoctoral Associate to join the Pan Lab at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research. The aims of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research are to reveal the genetic and biological underpinnings of psychiatric disorders and to discover next generation therapeutics. Within the therapeutic group, the candidate will develop target-specific cellular and physiological assays in vitro and ex vivo in order to understand the impact of psychiatric disease-associated variations on targets including ion channels and receptors. She/he will be a key member of multidisciplinary project teams contributing to genetics-driven therapeutics projects.  




The successful candidate will develop, establish, and routinely perform electrophysiological protocols to probe the molecular mechanism of how genetic variants impact receptor protein function and confer risk to psychiatric illnesses.  Support in vitro biophysical and/or cellular assays to understand protein function in both normal and dysfunctional brains. Successful candidate will develop and implement cellular assays and electrophysiological protocols to analyze genetic variants of ion channels and other membrane proteins and dissect the role of such variation in the disease pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders in vitro and ex vivo. The researcher will be responsible for communicating results to the scientific community through conference presentations and publications, and within Broad Institute internal communications.




  • A recent doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in biophysics, pharmacology, neuroscience, or related disciplines. Technical expertise in ion channel electrophysiology and/or brain slice electrophysiology/calcium imaging is required. Two positions are available.
  • For the position in channel physiology, in depth understanding of how ion channels function is require. The candidate will develop electrophysiological protocols to probe molecular mechanism of how genetic variants impact channels function and perform large-scale analyses.  Experiences such as ion channel kinetic modeling or single channel analysis is a plus. Experience in NEURON environment modeling is a plus.
  • For the position in slice physiology, experiences in cortical ( or hippocampal, or thalamic) slice preparations and recordings are required. The candidate will perform EPSC/IPSC recordings and analyses, with a focus on the thalamocortical  input to cortical neurons. Experiences with stereotaxic injection of AAVs or rabies viruses to brain structures is a plus.
  • A scientific track record demonstrated by first author paper(s) published or accepted in a well-recognized journal.
  • Rigorous scientific aptitude, enthusiasm for learning, and desire to solve complex problems independently and in a collaborative environment.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.



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