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Postdoctoral Position in Liu Lab | Columbia University | New York City

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The laboratory of Dr. Shawn Liu at Columbia University is seeking a talented postdoc to study the epigenome in brain function and disorders using newly developed cutting-edge technology. Three major research directions in our lab are 1) CRISPR-based epigenome editing tool development; 2) Molecular basis of memory storage; and 3) To tackle human disease by editing the epigenome. We are looking for highly motivated individuals with training in biology, chemistry, biophysics, and/or medicine. Experience in molecular neuroscience or CRISPR is preferred. We offer highly competitive salaries and benefits. Starting salary will be $60,000 per year. A generous benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as retirement savings and life insurance plans will be provided. Please check out additional information about ongoing research projects at our lab website ( Applicants should send your inquiry to Shawn Liu ( along with your CV and names of references.

Selected Publications:

1.   Shpokayte, M., McKissick, O., Kramer, E., Grella, S.L., Doucette, E., Merfeld, E., Liu, X.S.*, Ramirez, S.* (2021). Hippocampal cells multiplex positive and negative engrams. bioRxiv. (*corresponding author)

2.   Li, C.H., Coffey, E.L., Dall’Agnese, A., Hannett, N.M., Tang, X., Henninger, J.E., Platt, J.M., Oksuz, O., Zamudio, A.V., Afeyan, L.K., Schuijers, J., Liu, X.S., Markoulaki, S., Lungjangwa, T., LeRoy, G., Svoboda, D.S., Wogram, E., Lee, T.I., Jaenisch, R., Young, R.A. (2020). MeCP2 links heterochromatin condensates and neurodevelopmental disease. Nature. 586, 440–444.

3.   Liu, X.S., Jaenisch, R. (2019). Editing the Epigenome to Tackle Brain Disorders. Trends in Neurosciences.

4.   Tang, X., Drotar, J., Li, K., Brumm, S.A., Wu, H., Liu, X.S., Wang, J., Gray, N., Sur, M., Jaenisch, R. (2019). Identification of KCC2 Expression Enhancer Compounds as a Basis for Treatment of Rett Syndrome. Science Translational Medicine. 11 (503).

5.   Liu, X.S., Wu, H., Krzisch, M., Wu, X., Graef, J., Muffat, J., Hnisz, D., Li, C.H., Yuan, B., Vershkov, D., Cacace. A., Young, R.A., and Jaenisch, R. (2018). Rescue of Fragile X syndrome by DNA methylation editing of the FMR1. Cell. 173, 1-14. (Highlighted by Nature Reviews Neuroscience and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery)

6.   Liu, X.S., Wu, H., Ji, X., Stelzer, Y., Wu, X., Czauderna, S., Shu, J., Dadon, D., Young, R.A., and Jaenisch, R. (2016). Editing DNA methylation in the mammalian genome. Cell. 167, 233-247. (Highlighted by Nature)


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