Postdoctoral Associate - Magee Lab

Houston, Texas
Jun 04, 2021
Jul 04, 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Entry Level

We are currently looking for a Postdoctoral Associate to work in the laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Magee at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. The Magee lab works to understand how brains learn. Specifically, they are investigating how experience shapes activity in the hippocampal-entorhinal loop. A top physiology lab that works mainly with behavior in mice, the Magee lab uses intracellular and extracellular electrical recordings as well as 2-photon optical imaging techniques to record from both single neurons and populations. They also use various opto- and chemo-genetic techniques to manipulate circuits. For more information about Dr. Magee and the lab’s research, please visit and

The chosen candidate will be participating in the lab’s investigations of the neural circuit and cellular level mechanisms of learning in hippocampal and entorhinal areas. Recent work in the lab has begun to reveal the underlying synaptic learning rules as well as the circuit elements involved in controlling the plasticity that mediates experience-dependent activity changes in the hippocampus. Example research questions are:

  1. How are the instructive signals that drive hippocampal synaptic plasticity formed?
  2. Are these instructive signals shaped by experience and, if so, how?

This is an excellent opportunity for a neuroscience, neurobiology, or physiology-focused researcher who would like to actively contribute to answering important questions and be mentored while working with other passionate researchers in a small, collaborative laboratory.

Preferred Qualifications

A Ph.D. in neuroscience, neurobiology, physiology, or a closely related field is required.

Experience in quantitative analysis is required.
Experience independently managing a research project in an academic laboratory is required.
Experience in electrophysiology is strongly preferred.
Experience in optical imaging techniques is strongly preferred.
Experience in working with mice as a model organism is strongly preferred.

Application Instructions
Please include the following items as part of your application (preferably as one PDF):

  1. Your curriculum vitae including list of publications
  2. A cover letter detailing your interest in this role
  3. A list of three professional references with up-to-date contact information

HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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