Postdoc Fellow/Senior Res Associates in neuroplasticity and psychiatric disorders

East Lansing, Michigan
Nov 02, 2020
Dec 02, 2020
Position Type
Full Time

We are seeking motivated scientists to fill several NIH-funded postdoc associate or senior research associate positions in the lab of Dr. Hongbing Wang at Michigan State University (

The main research goal, aided by transgenic mouse models, is to study molecular and cellular mechanisms underpinning adaptive brain function and pathophysiology associated with psychiatric disorders. The research topics are function of G protein-coupled receptors in neuroplasticity and learning and forgetting, homeostasis of gene transcription, and therapeutic intervention of Fragile X syndrome and bipolar disorder. Recent graduates with a doctoral degree in neuroscience or related field are considered for the postdoc position. Candidates with significant postdoctoral experience are considered for the senior research associate position. The position requires skills in experimental design, data analysis, trouble-shooting and problem-solving, and effective oral and written communication. Previous trainings and skills in molecular/cellular biology, animal behavior, genetic and optogenetic approaches, and slice or in vivo electrophysiology are preferred. The salary range is $52-75K, depending on experience and qualification.

Research directions in the lab include:

1) mechanisms underlying complexed behavior such as learning and forgetting, stress susceptibility/resilience, and social behavior

2) mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of Fragile X syndrome and Bipolar disorder

3) transcription homeostasis in neurons

To apply, send a cover letter summarizing your qualification, research interests/accomplishments and skills, plus CV and contact information of 3 references to Hongbing Wang (