Postdoc fellow in Neuropharmacology and Drug Discovery

Columbia, South Carolina
Oct 23, 2020
Dec 22, 2020
Position Type
Full Time

The Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences at the College of Pharmacy, University of South Carolina, is seeking two accomplished and motivated Postdoctoral Fellows to conduct research in the Zhu lab on ongoing R01 projects funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse to develop small molecule allosteric inhibitors of the dopamine transporter (DAT) that can block or diminish HIV-1 regulatory protein, transactivator of transcription (Tat) protein-induced inhibition of the reuptake of dopamine through DAT, which has potential therapeutic approaches for the treatment of HIV-1 infection associated neurocognitive disorders. The duties are to characterize the in vitro pharmacological profile of the compounds to identify optimized probe molecules using cell based expressing human DAT, as well as to determine the therapeutic role of novel allosteric modulators in alleviation of Tat-mediated cognitive deficits and rewarding effects of cocaine in inducible Tat transgenic mice.  Our multidisciplinary approaches include studies using cell culture (cells expressing human dopamine transporter, and its mutants), radioligand uptake/binding, Co-IP and GST pull-down assays, cell surface biotinylation, transporter-mediated uptake and release, transgenic HIV-1 Tat transgenic mouse model, single residue on dopamine transporter knock in mouse model and behavioral testing. Additional information is available at:

Successful candidates must have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, neuropharmacology, behavior pharmacology or related field by the beginning date of employment. Candidates with expertise and interest in regulation of membrane transporter function and expression, as well as competency in cell culture, rodent behavior testing (cognitive and drug rewarding effects), or neuropharmacology is desirable. Start date for the positions is as soon as possible. Candidates must apply online via USCJobs and include a brief letter of interest describing research experience and career goals, current CV and contact information for three references:  Questions about these positions should be emailed to .

The University does not discriminate in employment practices based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, transgender status, age, disability, sexual orientation, genetics, protected veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions.