Postdoctoral Researcher, Cortical Interneurons and Human Neurophysiology

Durham, North Carolina
Per NIH Stipend
Mar 09, 2020
Mar 09, 2021
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Full Time
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Laboratory of Derek Southwell, MD, PhD

Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurobiology at Duke University

Our group aims to improve neurologic therapies through basic and translational neuroscience.  We seek researchers with interests and backgrounds relevant to the study of cortical interneuron development, function, and transplantation.   

We are studying how the functional identities of cortical interneurons are established, how interneuron subpopulations differentially contribute to cortical circuit function, and how interneuron pathologies give rise to neurologic disease states.  We are also examining therapeutic applications of interneuron transplantation in pre-clinical settings, with a focus on the functional integration of transplanted interneurons into recipient neural circuitry in vitro and in vivo.  These studies take advantage of the primary investigator's role as an epilepsy surgeon, which provides unique opportunity to study live human tissues.  Experimental techniques involve genetics, microsurgery, electrophysiology in vivo and in vitro, imaging in vivo, microscopy, and behavior.  Additional information may be found here.

We are excited for motivated, independent scientists with relevant training to join our research group.  Scientists who have completed (or are nearing completion of) PhD training are invited to apply for post-doctoral positions - please email to a statement of interest, CV, and the names of 3 references. 



Completion of PhD