Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

San Diego, California
Jan 03, 2020
Apr 02, 2020
Position Type
Full Time

2 postdoc positions are immediately available at University of California, San Diego in the laboratory of Yimin Zou in the Neurobiology Section. The following is a list of scientific questions we are currently addressing and the technologies postdoc trainees will become proficient with while working on these projects:


  1. Axon guidance (1)


Genetic program of nervous system wiring in development, signal transduction and cell biological mechanisms of growth cone guidance, neurological and psychiatric disorders caused by miswiring.


CRISPR-Cas9 strategies, single cell transcriptomics, mass spectrometry, super resolution microscopy, light sheet microscopy and organotypical cultures.


  1. Central nervous system injury and repair (1)


Role of developmental wiring program in adult spinal cord and brain injury, neuron-glial interaction in CNS injury, glial scar formation, neural circuit reorganization and functional recovery and regulation of microglia.


Spinal cord and brain injury models, behavioral studies for functional recovery, miniature scope, single cell transcriptomics and viral tracing of axons.



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