Seeking Electrode Jockeys for Bionics and Vision Lab

Detroit, Michigan
Oct 20, 2019
Nov 20, 2019
Position Type
Full Time

Seeking Electrode Jockeys

(patch clamp and/or microelectrode array)

To study the retinal code and make bionic vision better.

There are 40 ganglion cell types in the mouse retina.

How many are there in the human retina?

And how do we tap into them to cure blindness through bionic devices?

Come work with Dr. Daniel Rathbun in the Bionics and Vision lab at Henry Ford Hospital (Dept. Ophthalmology) in Detroit, Michigan.  We apply the study of neural coding in the visual system to: 1) understanding how images are processed in the healthy and degenerating retina; 2) understanding how the retina responds to electrical stimulation; and 3) using this knowledge to advance bionic vision.  At Henry Ford, we are establishing the world’s first electrophysiology laboratory dedicated to working with fresh human retinal tissue donated from ophthalmology patients.

You can expect a competitive 2-year contract, excellent benefits, academic affiliations with Wayne State University and the Kresge Eye Institute, and Detroit isn’t nearly as scary as you might have heard.

Please contact Dr. Daniel L. Rathbun to schedule a meeting during this conference or to submit your CV for consideration:               +1 313-587-0367

electrophysiology data collection, processing, and analysis

computational experience a bonus


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