Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Associate - Neuroscience

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
NIH PGY level standard
Oct 20, 2019
Nov 19, 2019
Position Type
Full Time

The Jensen laboratory is seeking a qualified applicant for a postdoctoral fellowship. The focus of the laboratory is the study of synaptic dysfunction during the lifespan, with special relevance to epilepsy and its cognitive comorbidities. The interaction between hyperexcitable network mechanisms in epileptogenesis with those in other disorders are a current focus. Research projects in the lab span understanding the role of excitatory and inhibitory synaptic imbalance in autism, epilepsy, and dementia.  A variety of experimental models ranging from in vitro brain slice, cell culture, and transgenic mouse models are used.  A parallel emphasis on systems neuroscience and cellular neuroscience is employed. Human tissue studies from epilepsy biopsy samples and post mortem studies complement the animal work in order to provide target validation and clinical relevance. Research tools employed include gene and protein expression assays, in vitro brain slice patch clamp and extracellular electrophysiology, voltage sensitive dye and calcium imaging, gene therapy preclinical studies, systems study of behavior and video electroencephalographic (EEG) quantitation, and well as immunohistopathological studies of brain and cell culture samples. Prior experience in two or more of these skills is preferred.  

The Jensen lab is situated in a vibrant educational environment, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration.  The Jensen lab collaborates with a range of other laboratories, and thus the candidate must demonstrate the ability to collaborate and also communicate well with those in other fields.  Teaching skills are also preferred, as the applicant will be expected to supervise graduate student as well as research technicians in the course of their work.  

Completion of PhD in Neuroscience or related field 

Evidence of strong publication record

Electrophysiological expertise preferred



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