Post-doc, circuits and behavior

chicago, Illinois
NIH scale
Oct 18, 2019
Nov 17, 2019
Position Type
Full Time

We are a dynamic laboratory working on Neural Circuits and Behavior at the Dept. of Neurobiology, Northwestern University in Evanston (Chicago). We use a combination of genetics, E-PHYS / 2Photon microscopy and quantitative behavioral analysis in Drosophila and other invertebrates to study how the brain processes sensory stimuli into simple, hard-wired behavior. We are now looking for creative and enthusiastic post-docs to join in the fun - no previous experience in insects required.

Check us out @:

Please send application material (CV and short email cover letter) to:   

(I will be around SfN2019 to potentially meet in person, email me directly)


Some EPHYS or imaging experience appreciated. No specific experience with Drosophila is required.

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