Post Doc: Neurodegeneration- Nuclear Biology and/or Glia

Johns Hopkins University- Brain Science Institute
Baltimore, Maryland
55,000 and above
Oct 15, 2019
Jan 13, 2020
Position Type
Full Time

Highly motivated postdoctoral candidates are invited to lead three different new projects in the laboratory of Jeffrey Rothstein MD, PhD:

  • Nuclear Biology in Neurodegeneration: to address fundamental questions on implicating nuclear pore complex and nuclear transport in dementia and ALS (Donnelley et al, Neuron, 2013; Zhang et al Nature 2015; Grima et al, Neuron 2017; Eftekharzadeh, Neuron 2018; Zhang et al, Cell, 2018,)) and other related neurodegenerative diseases
  • Astroglial subtypes and their role in synaptic maintenance in neurodegeneration and development. Focussing on newly discovered layer-specific cortical astroglial that regulate the growth of dendritic spines via Norrin (Miller at al, Nature, 2019).
  • Oligodendroglia/Oligodendroglial precursors: their role in neurodegeneration/ axonal maintenance and nuclear pore complex development and dysfunction (Lee et al, Nature, 2012; Kang et al, Nat Neurosci, 2013).

Experimental approaches, including biochemistry, genetics, molecular imaging and cell biology, from human and in vivo/in vitro rodent to mammalian systems are employed. New techniques applied in the lab include iPSC, genome editing, single cell analysis, and metabolic studies. Access to the largest library of human iPS cell lines (<650) for ALS and dementia along with full omics data as well. Candidates with a strong background in molecular, cellular biology, and/or biochemistry are encouraged to apply.

The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions provide a stimulating and collaborative environment for biomedical research. Our lab is located in the Brain Science Institute and affiliated with the Depts of Neurology and Neuroscience at the School of Medicine. The Baltimore/Washington D.C. area also offers rich professional and living (county hiking and water activities) opportunities.

Candidates should have a doctoral degree and a strong research background. Candidates should have a PhD preferably in neuroscience or neuroscience-related disciplines: physiology, pharmacology, biology, anatomy, etc. Fluent in English; Background in general molecular biology, PCR, protein biology, histology, Confocal imaging. 

Please send a statement of research experience and career goals, a copy of Curriculum Vitae, and contact information of at least one reference to Dr. Jeffrey D. Rothstein at Candidates must be US citizen, green card holder or holder of US Visa.

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