Postdoc, Neural Engineering and Translation Labs, UC San Diego

San Diego, California
50000.00 - 60000.00
Jul 01, 2019
Sep 29, 2019
Position Type
Full Time

The Neural Engineering and Translation Labs (NEAT labs) aim to develop an improved understanding of neural circuits deficits in psychiatric disorders throughout the lifespan. We apply neural-engineering methods in both animal models and human research to target and repair identified circuit deficits. NEAT Labs are run jointly by Dr. Jyoti Mishra and Dr. Dhakshin Ramanathan. Dr. Mishra's work is focused on developing & testing digital mobile technologies to serve as experimental diagnostics and therapeutics in humans. Dr. Ramanathan's focus is on advancing our understanding of how to target and modulate relevant neural circuits in animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders. Our research foci intersect in the use of closed loop, brain-computer-interface (BCI) technologies to target and induce plasticity in specific neural circuits underlying cognition.

Please see our for more information on the type of work we do, recent publications, etc. 

We are currently looking for talented post-doctoral candidates interested in the development and application of closed-loop methods to target and modulate brain circuits; and a deep passion for developing novel treatments for disorders of neurocognition.  

The ideal candidate would be a highly motivated, interdisciplinary scientist. This person would be involved in leading neural-engineering oriented projects in animals/humans, with substantial support from other members of the team. He or she will be responsible for developing and optimizing behavioral paradigms and closed-loop systems relevant for neuromodulation or or behavioral modulation or brain-computer-interface informed neurofeedback, with the training opportunities in both systems and cognitive neuroscience in animals and humans.

The candidate will be supported to present data at conferences, publish manuscripts, and write grants. 

The ideal candidate would have a Ph.D. in one or more of the following - neuroscience, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, or biomedical engineering with a strong background in electrophysiology.  In addition, this individual must be able to be a team-player, working collaboratively with others. 

**Individuals who have an interest in human aging research and are US citizens/permanent residents, there a two-year NIH fellowship available for you to work with us!**

We encourage all with an interest to apply.

Salary commensurate with the NIH pay scale.

To apply, please send your CV, contact information for 3 references, and a cover letter including a brief statement of your previous research experience and current scientific/research interests and goals to:


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