Burke Neurological Institute

The Burke Neurological Institute is a nonprofit leading scientific research institute devoted to advancing the study of neurological diseases and injuries. The overarching goal of the institute, an academic affiliate of Weill Cornell Medicine, is to leverage the most innovative and highest quality neuroscience to restore brain and spinal cord function in those with neurological injury including stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, age related macular degeneration. Twenty faculty funded by federal and private agencies work alongside 100 individuals on a beautiful 60-acre campus in White Plains, New York, 15 miles from the heart of New York City.

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    • Burke Neurological Institute
    • White Plains, New York
    • • $60,484 to $65,572 salaried exempt position (NIH NRSA scale plus housing supplement); based on yea

    The Circuit Repair Laboratory, led by Edmund Hollis, II, Ph.D., is currently seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow with an interest in systems neuroscience.

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