John H. Martin, Ph.D.

The Martin laboratory studies how the nervous system controls limb movement, such as walking and reaching, from the dual perspectives of brain development and recovery of motor function after brain or spinal cord injury. Our studies focus on the corticospinal motor system and on the spinal motor circuits that are the targets of the corticospinal system. We are interested in elucidating the mechanisms by which the specificity of these connections are established during development and in devising ways to reestablish this specificity after injury. We use a diversity of animal models to study the question of corticospinal system development and repair. An important focus of the lab is to translate what we learn in the animal into therapies for humans with mobility impairments. Research in the lab is supported by grants from the NIH, NYS Department of Health, and private foundations. The laboratory, which is part of the City University of New York School of Medicine, is located at the City College of NY South Campus in northern Manhattan, in the Center for Discovery and Innovation. The South Campus is also where the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center is located. The CCNY Center for Discovery and Innovation and the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center together comprise CUNY’s newest premier science research facility. Please see the laboratory website for updates :

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