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Schepens Eye Research Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

I am extremely committed to teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists. Serving as a mentor to research associates and assistants, graduate and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows is extremely rewarding to me, and has helped me substantially in the establishment of my independent laboratory and career at Harvard. As proof of my commitment, I have already directly trained more than twenty individuals with diverse backgrounds and career goals. In addition, I have taken on leadership roles at Harvard Medical School as the Faculty Director of the Paths program to assist graduate students in the process of enriching their curriculum in ways that prepare them for their professional careers in academia or outside. In addition, for over two years, I have served as the Class Mentor for the Society of Neuroscience Scholars and Associates Program to mentor a diverse community of trainees including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows using online tools and live chats. More recently and thanks to a nomination effort by my former trainees I was awarded the “Young Mentor” award from Harvard Medical School. With my background in both clinical medicine and basic science research, I have gained substantial expertise in molecular, genetic, and biochemical studies relevant to human disease with an emphasis in vascular biology. My work both in the clinic and at the bench has given me substantial experience in translational and collaborative research that uses insights from both human and animal studies to better understand the pathobiology of human conditions.

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