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Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary study of the nervous system and its relationship to mental processes and behavior that has led to new ways of thinking about the nature of human behavior, the mind-brain basis of health and disease, and technologic innovations.

At Pomona, neuroscience majors have the unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of neuroscience, perform experimental techniques in state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, and discover how neuroscience provides insight into other liberal arts disciplines, including psychology, economics, computer science and philosophy.

Pomona’s Neuroscience Department is a tight-knit community, supporting student exploration into diverse areas of neuroscience, including:

  • cell and molecular neuroscience;
  • systems-level neuroscience;
  • nervous system disorders such as anxiety and depression;
  • neuroscientific models of social behavior and interaction;
  • and imaging the mind at work.

The major prepares students for a diverse array of career options, while giving students access to an extensive alumni network of scientists and researchers around the globe.

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