Falk Lohoff, M.D. NIAAA CGET

About Falk Lohoff, M.D. NIAAA CGET

The Section on Clinical Genomics and Experimental Therapeutics (CGET) conducts translational preclinical and clinical studies related to the pathophysiology and treatment of alcohol use disorder. Our human clinical studies use cutting edge functional imaging, genetic, epigenetic, and pharmacogenetic approaches to investigate neurobiological mechanisms of alcohol use disorder and to explore novel targets for personalized treatments. Our clinical studies include early phase 1/phase 2 proof-of-concept studies of experimental therapeutics guided by molecular biomarker profiling. Translational projects focus on identifying molecular mechanisms involved in addictions, utilizing a wide array of methods including human population genetics, genome wide genotyping approaches, next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing and epigenetic/proteomic profiling.

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