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( The University of Wisconsin, established in 1848, is one of the nation’s leading and largest research institutions, well known, for example, for its early discovery of warfarin, the sequencing of the E. Coli genome, and the recent development of stem cell research. UW-Madison has a large campus of 30,000 undergraduates, 9,000 graduate students, and 3000 professional students with major colleges and schools of Letters and Science, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine and Public Health, Nursing, Law, Education, Pharmacy, Business, and Engineering with a budget of $1.6 billion. Its R&D funding is among the top 3 in the US. The UW faculty or alumni have received 17 Nobel Prizes, and 54 faculty members are active or emeritus members of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences. This large single campus provides an exceedingly rich research environment.

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